We present here the commissioned teaching offered by LEN. Commissioned education is tailored education that has been ordered from us by, for example, a company or organisation.

The commissioned education offered by LEN is focussed on:

Preschools, after-school clubs, and schools

We tailor courses according to specific wishes at both basic and advanced levels. Teaching can take place through lectures, workshops, seminars or courses.

Other commissioned courses

The list below presents further suggestions for commissioned education that we can offer.
Democracy in schools and preschools
The global in the local
Change and development in the public sector
Preschool teaching certification for qualified teachers
Equal opportunities in schools and preschools
People and the natural world (NATIN), 30 credits from courses held in the spring
Natural sciences for schools, preschools and after-school clubs
Pedagogic documentation in preschools
Practical-aesthetic tools in preschools, schools and after-school clubs
Outdoor education, the natural sciences and technology in preschools
Language and maths in preschools

En lärarstudent testar sin robot under Teknik för lärare-kurs