Urkund is a plagiarism detection tool available for checking texts written by students. Texts run through Urkund are checked against the Internet, published material, and academic texts previously submitted by students. The Urkund system is available via Lisam, but LiU's teachers also have the option to have an account at Urkund, which can be provided by the library.

Urkund is a text-recognition system that looks for similarities. When a text written by a student is sent to Urkund, the document is checked against three main sources: the Internet, published material and works by students. If the document shows similarities with content from these sources, the system will indicate these similarities. The analysis is presented in a report that is sent to the teacher that requested the analysis, who then makes the judgement if there are grounds to suspect plagiarism.

Urkund via Lisam

In Lisam, teachers have a Submit-to-Urkund-button that is used to submit documents to Urkund. If you are using Lisam, there is no need to create an account with Urkund.

You can read more about using Urkund via Lisam at Lisam-support → Manuals for teachers.

Urkund account for teachers

If you are not using Lisam, you can, free of charge, create an Urkund account through LiU’s general Urkund licence.

LiU teachers who want to have an account at Urkund are welcome to email biblioteket@liu.se

More information about Urkund is available atUrkund's website

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