Valla Library has moved

This autumn, Valla Library opens in Studenthuset – welcome to our opening on August 1st! To help you find your way around the new library, we give you some basics regarding the layout. The grand opening takes place during the Festival Week, 30 August–5 September 2019. 

Finding your way around the Library

The new library premises are located on floors 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Studenthuset (The Student Building). The Library stacks are on floor 1. At the library information desk on floor 3 librarians are on hand to help you with information seeking, library loans and other library services. The information desk is staffed: Mondays–Thursdays 8 am–8 pm, Fridays 8 am–5 pm and Saturdays 11 am–3 pm.

The collection of reference copies of textbooks is also located on floor 3, as well as books available for pick up, newspapers and the current issues of some journals. Just next to the information desk, there is the self return machine.

On floors 4 and 5, there are plenty of reading spaces. These floors also house the book collection of Swedish fiction. If you need a completely quiet space, use the silent reading room on floor 4. The library’s combined Digital Lab and Makerspace (DigiMaker) is located on floor 5. The collections of books of fiction in other languages than Swedish, e.g. English, French and German, are available on floor 6.

The main part of the book collection is placed in the Library stacks on floor 1. You are welcome to order library books in the library search service or visit the Library stacks Mondays–Fridays 8.00 am–5 pm (starting Monday 12 August).

Studenthuset – Campus Valla's new meeting place

Besides Valla Library, Studenthuset will house group activity rooms, lecture halls and an affordable café run by students. As a natural meeting place, Studenthuset offers information services for students all in one place. At the information centre on floor 2 (entrance level), students can get the help they need regarding almost all study related issues. Study counsellors and student health services will also be available in Studenthuset.

The grand opening

Studenthuset is inaugurated during the Festival Week, 30 August–5 September 2019. The Festial Week will offer lots of inspiring lectures, workshops and hands-on testing of greenscreen, virtual reality, 3D-printing and more. Welcome to Studenthuset!


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