"We have a nerve that keeps us together."

Ann Holmlid

Ann Holmlid loves to influence. As a student she got involved, and was the youngest person ever to join the University Board. The “inner life” of the university has been her arena ever since, always with the relationship between students and management at the top of her agenda. 

“I’m extremely proud of this profound trust – as far as I know it hasn’t developed this far at any other university. Engaged students raises the quality of everything we do, I’m convinced of this.” 

As Director of Administration the challenge is to meet the efficiency requirements in a way that enables students and staff to advance themselves as well as the operations, and to ensure that there is space for people’s ideas and creativity – despite the size of the organisation. It’s a challenge, but it simply has to work. Ann calls this being both sharp and warm at the same time. 

“Our strength and competitive advantage is all the resources that are devoted to teaching and research. And it’s from here that we can build engagement. We built this together, and we’re going to keep doing that.”