"Never have time to stagnate."

Inger Lindell

“We hope that the students who leave here will improve and revitalise Sweden and the world in their field. And of course I do everything I can to help them along the way.”

If there’s anyone who knows the university’s operations inside out, it’s Inger Lindell. Today she’s senior faculty coordinator at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, but when she arrived in 1976 it was to master an ultramodern automatic IBM typewriter. 

“I had the job interview in the summer. The campus was deserted. Then a man came walking up, dressed in cut-off jeans and with a bunch of pearl necklaces around his neck. Oh, is that what students look like, was my reaction. It turned out he was the head of Human Resources. I thought: At this place you can be any way you like. And that’s still true.”