"Why do we have a university?"

Moa Yngve

“The knowledge generated here must be implemented in reality, and benefit others. Otherwise it doesn’t matter how much research we do.” 

After her master’s, occupational therapist Moa Yngve was appointed project manager at LiU Innovation, with a focus on the Faculty of Health Sciences and counselling for its students. 

“I’m driven, always trying to support others, make their process easier and help them achieve their goals. Getting creative students to move their ideas forward, and understand that it’s not always about starting a company, but about improvement. Improvements for patients.

In their case, as for Moa, her next five years will be spent as a PhD student, investigating how technical aids can help high school students get through school. 

“I know what I’m going to do. Find solutions that change things – hopefully people’s lives."

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