Focal/peripheral data visualization for industrial control rooms

In the age of Industry 4.0, with increasing digitization of industry, the amount of operation and maintenance data delivered to the industrial control room operator grows manifold. In the scope of a PhD project, we are working with the problem of information overload. 

Visuella metoder styr betraktaren Photo credit Veronika Domovavisuella metoder styr betraktaren Photo credit Veronika DomovaThe research has two major directions. The first direction is towards creating domain-specific big data visualizations.

The major principle that underpins this study is focal/peripheral data visualization which incorporates visual methods to guide and focus the user’s attention on the most important information.

 The second direction is towards looking for alternative data visualization means, e.g. tangible devices and augmented reality, that can potentially unload the visual and cognitive pressure of the user. 

visual methods to guide and focus the user’s attention
Veronika Domova

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