"Driving change is in our genes."

Anders Ynnerman

 Anders Ynnerman

“Our forgiving atmosphere is unique. We can do things that no one else can.” 

It wasn’t by chance that Anders Ynnerman ended up at LiU, as Sweden’s first professor of visualization. Anders’and his colleagues’ research laid the foundation for the visualization table. He is one of the driving forces behind the Visualization Center C, and has been involved in building up the MSc in Media Technology and Engineering. Special effects from there have made it big in Hollywood. 

One thing that motivates him is finding the mechanisms whereby first-class research can deliver real-world benefits. Another is taking advantage of people’s ability to see things in images, in order to interpret and disseminate science. 

“With visual metaphors we can communicate across cultural and generational boundaries, and between all disciplines. Getting schoolchildren to be fascinated by science is a huge kick. After all, they’re the ones who will take it to the next level.”