"Injustice makes me courageous."

Maria Jenmalm

 maria jenmalm

Maria Jenmalm suddenly realised there were more young researchers than herself who were being held back by chaotic career paths and insecure working conditions. The
vice-chancellor supported her commitment, and in 2007 Junior Faculty was founded, to address the wishes and needs of early career researchers. 

“A brilliant decision! It would be a disaster if these highly motivated people decided to quit the research world. For the university and society as a whole, nurturing young talent is a matter of sustainability. We have to make use of all available capacity and help each other, if we are to find solutions to complex problems – in time.” 

Maria’s research field is no exception. 

“I want to be able to predict which children will be allergic, and find ways of preventing allergies. It’s urgent, with one in three Swedish children experiencing allergic symptoms.”

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