Yi-Chi Liu, originally from Taiwan, is a graduate from 2007. What stood out to her at Linköping University were the friendly staff members, the multicultural environment and the well-designed study and leisure spaces.

Having previously studied Materials Science and Engineering at National Tsing Hua University, Yi-Chi was excited about the opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sweden. 

”At that time, I had already made up my mind that I would like to study further within the subject so I decided to have an adventure: pursuing my study in this Nordic country.” 

During her time studying and living in Linköping, Yi-Chi found a group of close friends with whom she lived and studied. 

”Naturally I encountered a cultural shock at the beginning, but soon it became a fun challenge for me.”

Friendly staff

Yi-Chi loved the people and atmosphere of the Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at LiU. What stood out to her most were the friendly and helpful professors and staff members, the multicultural environment, and the well-designed study and leisure spaces. She also really enjoyed the way the programme was structured and the way that classes were taught.

”I liked the teaching mindset where we as students had the opportunity to learn by thinking and doing ourselves, which is different from the most common education method where I come from.”

Pursued a PhD in Copenhagen

Students in the Materials Science and Nanotechnology program are free to choose which area of research their final thesis projects will focus on, and Yi-Chi chose to complete hers in the lab of molecular surface physics and nanotechnology. She learned a tremendous amount from her supervisors and this experience led her to the challenge she took on after completing the program at LiU: pursuing a PhD at the University of Copenhagen.

Since completing the program, Yi-Chi has been studying and working in Sweden, Denmark, and Singapore, and she has recently moved back to Sweden with her family. When asked about advice that she would have for prospective students, she says:

”I recommend everyone who is interested in Material Physics and Nanotechnology to join this program. Open your mind and you will gain a lot in this programme, not only knowledge, but also life experience.”