MA Applied Ethics, 60 credits

Applied Ethics

The programme offers a complementary education at the master’s level in applied ethics for students already holding a bachelor’s degree in one of various academic fields, from philosophy to health and technology, or a professional degree. 

Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme

Autumn 2017, Full time 100%, Linköping, Campus Valla

The programme aims to offer students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in applied ethics. Applied ethics is a growing interdisciplinary field that studies ethical issues in areas such as politics, medicine, research, technology, and different forms of professional ethics. Questions such as global justice, ethical implications of new technologies in healthcare, and environmental responsibility for future generations are some of the issues that applied ethics deals with. The subject has its disciplinary basis in moral philosophy and ethics, and requires knowledge and expertise in the various fields of application.

Applied Ethics is a programme for those who:

  • Are interested in ethical questions
  • Want to work with ethical issues and the application of ethics in society
  • Want to carry out research in the fields of ethics and applied ethics.

The programme enables students to gain knowledge of ethical theories and methods, and examine ethical debates in different fields of application. The skills acquired during the programme include the analysis of moral problems and ethical debates and the critical assessment of ethical arguments and policy documents. Moreover, students will learn how to construct ethical positions and to write policy recommendations, and how to moderate debates and participate in ethical deliberations in a fruitful way.

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Amelia, Applied Ethics

Hej, my name is Amelia and I recently moved to Linköping to study the Master programme in Applied Ethics, as I thought it was about time to 

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Career opportunities

A master’s degree in applied ethics gives students unique skills and knowledge that can be added to their education. When working as a nurse, teacher, minister, civil servant or economist, students will be proficient in managing ethical issues. Mastering applied ethics provides students with the tools to structure the discussions and assess arguments. A great number of our master's students continue to doctoral studies in various areas of applied ethics and professional ethics. A recent survey shows that around 40% of the graduates from the programme work at a university, either as teachers or doing a PhD. The programme also prepares students for professional careers outside of academia.