Applied Ethics, Master's Programme, 60 credits

Tackle life's big questions with Applied Ethics! Modern societies face many new challenges. Globalisation raises questions of global justice, new technology has implications for decision making in healthcare concerning life and death, climate change and environmental hazards challenge our responsibility for future generations. 

Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme - First and main admission round

Autumn 2022, Full-time, Linköping

Closed for late application

Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme - Second admission round (open only for Swedish/EU students)

Autumn 2022, Full-time, Linköping

Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme - First and main admission round

Autumn 2023, Full-time, Linköping

Applied Ethics, Master´s Programme - Second admission round (open only for Swedish/EU students)

Autumn 2023, Full-time, Linköping

Application period not open

Applied Ethics is a growing interdisciplinary field that strives to tackle the moral issues surrounding these challenges. If these questions engage you, this master's programme will meet your aspiration.  

The programme offers a complementary education at the master's level in applied ethics for you who already hold a bachelor's degree in one of various academic fields, from philosophy to health and technology, or a professional degree. The subject has its disciplinary basis in moral philosophy and ethics, and requires knowledge and expertise in the various fields of application.

Leading centre for applied ethics in Sweden

LiU's centre for Applied Ethics (CTE) is a leading centre in applied ethics in Sweden. We are devoted to research and teaching, with globally minded areas and collaborative partners worldwide.

You will gain knowledge of ethical theories and methods, and examine ethical debates in different fields of application. You will acquire the skills to provide analysis of moral problems and ethical debates and be able to make critical assessments of ethical arguments and policy documents. In the latter half of the second semester, you will concentrate on a selected area of specialisation.

Future opportunities

When you graduate you'll have a unique competence that you can add to your professional or disciplinary competencies; doctor or nurse, teacher, minister civil servant or economist, many professionals need the ability to manage ethical issues. A great number of our graduates continue to doctoral studies in different areas of applied and professional ethics.

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A detailed syllabus, curriculum, and information on the courses you may take can be found in our study information database via the link below. Entry requirements and tuition information can be found by selecting the drop-down ”Admission requirements” available under the Autumn 2023 tab.

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This webinar covers the programme structure, the master’s thesis, examination forms, job opportunities, related research, and what it’s like to live in Sweden.

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The Centre for Applied Ethics (CTE) at Linköping University was founded in 1994 and is a leading centre in applied ethics in Sweden devoted to research and teaching in applied ethics. Programme professors and lecturers pursue research mainly in the following areas: political ethics and global justice, bioethics, ICT-ethics, research ethics, ethics and economy and the theory and method of applied ethics. CTE collaborate with academic institutions in e.g. South Africa, Uganda, Malaysia, Thailand China, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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