What is the student life like at LiU?
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There is a lot more to do as a student than attending lectures and study. Here you can find out about your life as a student including leisure and sports, accommodation and student associations.

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LiU has many student organisations that always have some event planned. You can find something to do every week, and it is also good for networking.

Fabio Siliberto, Student on the master's programme Computer Science

Where will I live and study?
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Three of our four campuses offer international programmes and courses, two are located in Linköping and one in Norrköping. You can use all three campuses to study and there is a free bus between the campuses. Our campus cities are also student-friendly cities with lots to offer.

Life on campus
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Studying, meeting friends, attending lectures, having ''fika''... you will probably spend many hours on campus. With essentials like free wi-fi, tasty food, and cosy reading corners available, LiU will soon become your second home.

Tips for life on campus

A few tips on how to navigate campus life at LiU and a few quirks of studying in Sweden.

A unique welcome period

Even though you, naturally, don't know every student on campus, it feels like you're part of a little family once you're here.

Stina, student on campus Valla

Life in Sweden
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