Abiel Sebhatu



My research concerns competition between organizations and its relationship with different outcomes of organizational quality, such as, work environment, inequality, but also dissatisfaction and performance. Empirically, I study the Swedish education system since the introduction of the voucher reform in 1992 and I follow all independent and public schools at the compulsory– and high school level since the reform until today. My research is interdisciplinary and combines theoretical perspectives from sociology, management, and economics.



Abiel Sebhatu, Karl Wennberg, Erik Lakomaa, Maria Brandén (2021) More Schools, Less Trouble? Competition and Schools' Work Environment, Sweden 1999-2011


Abiel Sebhatu, Karl Wennberg, Stefan Arora-Jonsson, Staffan I. Lindberg (2020) Explaining the homogeneous diffusion of COVID-19 nonpharmaceutical interventions across heterogeneous countries Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 117, p. 21201-21208 Continue to DOI


Niklas Bomark, Abiel Sebhatu, Stefan Arora-Jonsson, Karl Wennberg (2019) Organisationsteoretiska perspektiv på skolsegregation Segregation: Mikromekanismer och makrodynamik
Abiel Sebhatu, Erik Lakomaa, Karl Wennberg (2019) Arbetsmiljö och konkurrens i svenska skolor


Abiel Sebhatu (2017) Deregulation, institutional change, and entrepreneurship in the Swedish education system: intended and unintended effects of competition