Dementia-Friendly Community

I worked for many years as a district nurse, and visited many patients at home. It was here that my interest in the significance for health and well-being of how people live was aroused. I conduct research into how the local environment and neighbourhood can support people with dementia, and help them continue to be socially and physically active in order to promote their health and well-being.

My research focusses on people who live with dementia in non-specialised accommodation, and how their experiences and knowledge can be used to promote their health and well-being.

People with dementia can contribute important knowledge about everyday life in society, and my research can contribute to a model for a dementia-friendly community. Using participant-oriented methods that involve people with dementia, supportive environments can be developed in which people with dementia are made visible. Their voices are heard in such environments, and they remain included in society.

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