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Anita Carlsson

Head of Administration, Head of Division, Head of Unit

Administrative support at IEI is to be professional, fit for purpose and innovative, to create the best conditions for the activities in the department. We will create an environment characterised of trust, commitment and good collaboration.

Managing administrative support (VS) at IEI

I am head of administration at IEI where my principal job is to develop, lead and coordinate administrative and technical support.

Operations at the department are always changing, and I consider that a large part of my task is to develop and adapt operations as needs and requirements change. We care about ensuring that the support in the department is seen to be efficient and of high quality, and to achieve this we must work very closely with core activities such that we can collaborate in the best manner. We want it to be easy to get things right at IEI. I am a member of the management group at the department, and thus take part in its operational planning and development.

An important part of the work is the development and collaboration I carry out with the central administration at the university. This takes the form of, among other things, participation in dialogue forums and the university network for heads of administration. I am also head of division for the Division of Administrative Support, which means that I hold overall responsibility for administrative and technical personnel at IEI. The division has three units, where I have personnel responsibility for one of them, the central office. Other units have their own heads with corresponding responsibility. The tasks of a head of unit include developing and leading the co-workers, and creating the conditions required for a positive work environment.

The Division of Administrative and academic support has three units

  • A central office, which works with economy, HR, doctoral studies, registrar functions, procurement, communication and infrastructure/environment
  • Administration that is tied to the divisions in the department
  • A technical unit for the workshops at the department


  • Network for heads of administration, with Chalmers University of Technology and Luleå University of Technology

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