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Anirban Sengupta

Biomedical immunologist investigating maturation, activation, differentiation, proliferation of antigen
presenting cells, B and T lymphocytes, and inflammation in Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 infection focusing on development of novel vaccine strategies.


Study of Dendritic cell- T cell interaction, inflammatory cytokines and antibody response in SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) and Influenza infection:

Immune response against the infections in the vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals varies with age, gender and other comorbidities. The study done on both the mice model and human samples of nasal swab, rectal swab, serum and PBMC. Maturation, Activation, Differentiation, Proliferation of individual subsets of: Dendritic cells (plasmacytoid and myeloid lineage), B cells, CD4T (including regulatory T cells and Th17 cells), cytotoxic CD8T cells and their crosstalk are being investigated. Inflammatory balance at pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine level and antibody serotypes, neutralization capacities are also being studied.

Development of universal Nanovaccine against the Respiratory tract infections:

My focus in this project is to develop multiple epitopes decorated nanovaccine for broad range of respiratory infections ranging from multiple strains of influenza, SARS-CoV 2 (coronavirus) and respiratory syncytial virus. This will provide a universal protection against multiple viruses affecting the respiratory tracts and lungs.

Diabetes-mediated remodeling of vaccine efficacy against influenza infection:

Aim is to study how the diabetic individuals are responding to the commercially available influenza vaccines or flu-shots as compared to non-diabetic individuals. The study will shed light for more specific vaccine strategies for the diabetic individuals.

Investigating the influence of psychological stress in regulation of immune response:

The psychological stress influences the neuronal physiology which in turn affects our immune response by altering the immune cells, their receptors and the secreted cytokines. My aim is to evaluate the influence of different stress response in modulating the basal immune response, immunity against the infectious challenge of influenza and the vaccine efficacy in mice model.

PhD thesis work:

Role of Autophagy in regulation of Spleen Immunology. Autophagic response in immune modulation of splenic dendritic cell and macrophages in malarial infection.

About me

Academic Degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Immunology Laboratory, Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Calcutta (2020)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) in Zoology, Cytogenetics spcl, Malulana Azad College, Univ.of Calcutta (2011)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) in Applied Psychology, Bharathiar University (2017)
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PG.Dip) in Industrial Microbiology, Madurai Kamraj University (2016)
  • Diploma in Recombinant DNA Technology (DRDT), Madurai Kamraj University (2017)


Formal Positions:

Current positions

  • MIIC international Postdoc Fellow, Dept. of Biomedical and Clinical Science, LiU, Sweden

Past positions

  • Guest Faculty at Jadavpur University, Pharmaceutical technology Department, West Bengal, India.
  • Guest Lecturer, Dept. of Zoology, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir, West Bengal, India
  • Senior Research Fellow, Immunology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta
  • Junior Research Fellow at National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Kalyani. Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.


Organizational and Management Roles

  • Steering Board Member, Linkoping University Postdoctoral Associations (LiUPDA).

  • Chairperson, Journal Club floor 13, Linkoping University

  • Event Manager, Pint of Science, Linkoping Chapter, Sweden.

  • Conducting Multiple workshops and seminars during the teaching responsibilities.




  • Three times Awardee for Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship, National Eligibility Test (NET), University Grants Commission (UGC), India, 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • 'Young Investigator Award' for Best Poster Presentation followed by Oral presentation at SFRR-INDIA-14, Lonavala organized by Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, 2014. (Society for Free Radical Research)
  • Best Poster Presentation Award’ for work presentation at 25th National Congress of Parasitology held at CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, Oct 2014.
  • Best Poster Presentation Award’ for work presentation at 26th National Congress of Parasitology held at Banaras Hindu University, Banaras, Jan, 2016 (Indian Society of Parasitology)
  • Best Oral Presentation Award’ for work presentation at 44th Annual conference Immunological Society of India (Immunocn-2017), Ahmedabad, Gujrat, Dec-2017.
  • Invited Lecture and Life Membership Grant, International Association for Promotion of Healthcare and Life-Science Research (IAPHLSR) at Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Executive Centre, Singapore
  • Young Research Scholarship for 14th International Conference on Healthcare and Life Science Research (ICHLSR), 17-18 June 2017, Singapore from Global Research Development Services.


Travel Grant Awards:

  • Foreign Travel Grant from Calcutta University- University Grants Commission (UGC), India, 2016
  • Travel Grant Award from Middle-European Societies of Immunology & Allergology (MESIA)- European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) for Oral Presentation at Budapest, Hungary; Dec, 2016.
  • Calcutta University-UGC Foreign Travel Grant 2017
  • European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Travel Grant for Autophagy Conference 2017,Croatia
  • Foreign Travel Grant, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India, 2017

Learn more about my research


  1. IL-6 Dependent Expansion of Inflammatory MDSCs (CD11b+ Gr-1+) Promote Th-17 Mediated Immune Response During Experimental Cerebral Malaria; Saikat Mukherjee; Soubhik Ghosh; Anirban Sengupta; Samrat Sarkar; Tarun Keswani; Rimbik Chatterjee, Arindam Bhattacharyya; Cytokine 2022 (Accepted, In Press)
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