I have always had a great interest in leadership, employeeship and organizational issues. In the late 1990s I worked for a short while at Linköping University Library (LiUB), but left LiU for management jobs in the public library sphere. In 2011, I returned to LiU.

In my previous role as senior coordinator of Customer relations/UX at LiUB, I was given the opportunity to deepen my insights into users’ needs, motivations and behavior. Such insights are crucial in improving library services that answers to concrete users’ needs. Working with continuous improvements by involving our users is something that I take for granted.

At the library, we use different methods to achieve this, for example regular usability tests of systems and interfaces. This in order to improve functionality and user experience of our digital services. My involvement in this work is to recruit test participants and serve as host for the various tests.


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