In August 2015, I started my PhD studies in Laboratory of Organic Electronics in the Institution of Technology and Science (ITN).

Previously, I studied Technical Biology, with focus on Sensors and Materials in Medicine, at Linköping University and got my M. Sc. Degree in June 2015. In my master thesis I investigated the electrochemical properties of graphene, partly by using enzymatic reactions. 

In the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, I am in the group of Organic Solid State Devices. In my project I will try to construct a bolometer (thermal infrared sensor) from the conducting polymer PEDOT-PSS. 

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Mikhail Yu Vagin, Alina Sekretareva, Petter Lindgren, Anna Håkansson, Mats Eriksson, Ingemar Lundström, Mikael Syväjärve, Rositsa Yakimova (2015) Direct bioelectrocatalysis on anodized epitaxial graphene Program of the XXIII International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics of the Bioelectrochemical Society14-18 June, 2015Malmö, Sweden , s. 170-170

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