My PhD-project is on dogs' behaviour and the genetics behind it. Central is breed differences and within-breed differences. By studying this I can for example study how selection affects behaviour, for example dogs' social behaviour towards humans. I also study genetic markers interesting for, among other things, human-directed social behaviour to understand the genetics behind behaviour. Additionally, I'm working on epigenetic markers and differences in methylation between breeds and between the dog and the wolf.

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Ann-Sofie Sundman, Mia Persson, Anna Grozelier, Lise-Lotte Halldén, Per Jensen, Lina Roth

Understanding of human referential gestures is not correlated to humandirectedsocial behaviour in Labrador retrievers and German shepherd dogs

In Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Article in journal


Ann-Sofie Sundman, Martin Johnsson, Dominic Wright, Per Jensen

Similar recent selection criteria associated with different behavioural effects in two dog breeds

In Genes, Brain and Behavior

Article in journal

Per Jensen, Mia E Persson, Dominic Wright, Martin Johnsson, Ann-Sofie Sundman, Lina S. V. Roth

The Genetics of How Dogs Became Our Social Allies

In Current directions in psychological science (Print)

Article in journal

Maria Ericsson, Rie Henriksen, Johan Bélteky, Ann-Sofie Sundman, Kiseko Shionoya, Per Jensen

Long-Term and Transgenerational Effects of Stress Experienced during Different Life Phases in Chickens (Gallus gallus)


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