Equality and Intersectionality

In management and organisations we are often confronted by equality, diversity, discrimination and ethical dilemmas. How to relate to these concepts both in theory and in practice is of utmost importance to highlight and discuss in teaching as well as with various stakeholders outside academia.

I am also interested in how different categories and/or identities intersect (e.g. gender and ethnicity) and the consequences of these different intersections in various contexts. My interest in these areas is based on a will to understand how people relate to ethical dilemmas and different forms of justice.

Director of Forum for Gender Studies and Equality

Forum’s aim is to contribute to gender awareness in order to achieve gender equality. In our work we contribute to the spreading of knowledge and results from gender research to the public, and facilitate communication within the field of gender research.

Director of Tema Genus Master Programme Intersectionality and Change 

Intersectionality and Change is a full-time programme that focuses on intersectional gender, i.e. gender in interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials such as ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, age, (dis)ability etc. The programme is an online distance education with intensive on-campus seminars.

Short facts
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  • Docent Labour Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden, 2011
  • Dr Labour Studies, Göteborgs University, Sweden, 2003


  • Business Ethics in a Globalized World (in English, Exchange Studies)
  • Master Programme Gender Studies-Intersectionality and Change (in English, online and on Campus)
  • Introduction to Studies of Intersectional Gender (in English, online)
  • Intersectionality and Change (in English, online)
  • Analytical Tools (in English, online)
  • Intersectionality and Leadership, Research Methods (The Business Programme (in Swedish))
  • Intersectionality and Leadership (The International Business Programme (in Swedish))

Programme Director

  • Master Programme Intersectionality and Change, Tema Genus

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