Bengt Erik Eriksson


”Research has shown…” In my studies I am fascinated by how discourse of truth and knowledge occures, is formulated, given power and influence our everyday life in time and space through academic culture, media culture and popular culture.

The cultural framing of truth

Coming from the field of sociology I have for many years researched questions on the cultural framing of truth and the processes of how certain bodies of knowledge or practices in time and place can establish the power of taken-for-grantedness. 

Pappershögar på skrivbordIn a series of studies, dealing with psychiatric thinking, campaigns to promote lifestyle-changes, allergy as culture, the idea of social research, images of suicidal behaviour, disability in a comparative context and other topics, I have analyzed the discursive forms of consensus and conflict in scientific and popular culture. In my research I draw on the sociology of knowledge, cultural studies at large and especially visual culture studies, social studies of science and comparative research.

Social steering and visual culture

I received my PhD from Gothenburg University in 1989 and have been professor at Linköping University since 1994. Over the years I have been a research leader for projects in different interdisciplinary settings and involved in developing research groups around such topics as social steering, public health work, disability studies, food studies and visual culture. My engagement in PhD education is an important part of my work and I have now been supervisor for nearly thirty PhD dissertations.

Teaches in science methodology

Outside the PhD education my teaching on undergraduate and master levels includes such topics as social science methodology, visual studies and the history of the social sciences.

Besides working as a researcher and lecturer I have been head of the Department of Thematic Studies for six years and assistant dean at the Faculty of Arts and Science for three years. I have also been working at the Swedish Ministry of Education and been appointed as an expert on different panels and as member on boards inside and outside Linköping University.

My most recent books
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My most recent books

  • Bokbärare [Bookcarriers], published 2015 together with Camilla Smedberg and Peter Ullgren.
  • Kropp och politik [Body and Politics], published 2014 together with Eva Palmblad.
  • Bokbyggare [Bookbuilders], published 2013 together with Johanna Dahlin and Gustav Källstrand.