My position is Program Assistent at SMIO (Strategy and Management in International Organisations).

Working as the bridge between the direction of the program, the teachers and the students.

This includes work such as:

  • Strategic program planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Administrative and operational tasks 
  • Program marketing and event planning

I am not a trained lecturer, but my administrative and operational tasks include also giving supporting lectures in business administration, creating and correcting exams and be the main point of contact in several courses.

Engaged in the following courses

722A38 – Classic Leadership and Organization Dilemmas
(Supervisor, Assessor, Course Coordinator and Administrator)

722A39 – Contemporary International Management Paradoxes
(Course coordinator and Administrator)

722A45 – Business Finance
(Course Coordinator and Administrator)

722A46 – Management Control Systems
(Course Coordinator and Administrator)

722A48 – Term Project
(Course Coordinator and Administrator)

722A48 – HRM in Modern Organizations
(Course Coordinator and Administrator)

722A04 – Strategy – Classic and Contemporary Views
(Assessor and Course Coordinator)

722A50 – Advanced Consumer Marketing
(Course Coordinator)

722A62 – Design Thinking and Multidisciplinary Development Projects I
(Course Coordinator)

722A63 – Design Thinking and Multidisciplinary Development Projects II
(Course Coordinator)

722A31 – Master Thesis
(Course Coordinator and Administrator)