Passion and Power or the history of Subjectivity

In my research I investigate the relation between the formations of subjectivity and cultural hegemonies in literary history. My theoretical frame is above all inspired by psychoanalysis and discourse theory.

Courtly Love

I have published on medieval and early modern female writers appropriations of courtly love in order to articulate a feminine subject position, e.g. Christine de Pizan and Marguerite de Navarre. See “The Division of Love and Feminine Desire”, Pangs of Love and Longing. Configuration of Desire in Premodern Literature, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2013, Christine de Pizan’s Appropriation of the Courtly Tradition”, Narrations genrées. Ecrivaines dans l'histoire européenne jusqu'au début du XXe siècle, Peeters Publishers 2014 and Polyphony of Love in the Heptaméron”, Allusions and Reflections. Greek and Roman Mythology in Renaissance Europe, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015.

Early Modern Moralists

A new project is dedicated to moralist and libertine ideas of passions such as love and desire (e.g. in the writings of La Rochefoucauld, Mme de Sablé, Mme de Sablière, La Fontaine). The main questions are propelled by their configurations of a specific art of love as an articulation of early modern subjectivity that also can illuminate present-day issues on the subject and its relation to passion and power from new perspectives.

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Degrees, positions, collaboration
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1988: BA, Spanish, French and Comparative Literature

1988: BA Humanities (Kulturvetarlinjen)

1989: Diplôme d’Études approfondies d’Études littéraires

1995: PhD from the Department of Literature and History of Ideas (Stockholm University)


Professor in Language and Culture at Linköping University (70 % research in the position)

Director of the Graduate School in Language and Culture in Europe

Member of the Postgraduate Studies Board at Linköping University

Member of the University Board 2013-2016


Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
(member of the council 2018-2020)

International Society for Cultural History (ISCH)

Renaissance Society of America (RSA)

The Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies

The Nordic Network of Literature and Subjectivity


The network’s primary objective is to examine the future possibilities of literary history writing in the Nordic countries from an offensive and constructive point of view.

Supervision of PhD students
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