My research focuses on understanding the drivers and factors influencing the food/agricultural systems.

Currently, I’m looking into the potential role of Urban agriculture in promoting sustainable resource management and multifunctionality in the cities. I include theories and methodologies in natural and social sciences that help to provide new ways of understanding the dynamics of human and environmental interactions bringing solutions to complex problems.

Before coming to Linköping University, I did a short-term Postdoc in the Farming Systems Ecology group at Wageningen University, identifying agroecological crop traits for designing diversified cropping systems, explicitly performing a meta-analysis on diversified vegetable production. During my PhD project, I investigated the effects of crop diversification practices on the functioning of agroecosystems in southern Sweden. In collaboration with other researchers and PhD students from Europe’s ecosystem research network, I have been working on demonstrating dependencies between humanity and nature, using the nitrogen cycle as a case study to show direct and indirect relationships.