Research of material behaviour

Additive manufacturing of metals has gained high interest in multiple applications for the purpose of sustainability. My research aims for a fundamental understanding of material behavior, especially, the high temperature applications and the fatigue behavior.

Material science is the key of the society evolution

For decades, the society has been moving forward with the knowledge of how to utilize materials in a smarter way. Nowadays, sustainability is an important issue that everyone should be aware of in different technology development. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, shows a great potential of energy efficiency, and the design freedom turns a new page of manufacturing technologies. However, wide variety of knowledge remains unknown from the material science perspectives, hence, my research will try to solve this big puzzle step by step.

Material behavior and design of additively manufactured components (3D printing)

Via fundamental study of additive manufacturing (AM), the long-term goal is to bring AM techniques into real application. There are two main topics within my PhD work, one is the anisotropic materials behavior and another one is the thin-walled effect of AM component. I am working with several techniques for materials characterization, including electron microscopes (SEM and TEM), EBSD, hardness measurements, high temperature tensile testing and fatigue study. I am also working on neutron experiment for texture study and in-situ mechanical behavior study. Combined with lab scale experiments, I am aiming for a full-scale study of deformation mechanisms in AM components.

Research key word: Additive manufacturing, Ni-based superalloy, Stainless steel, High temperature mechanical testing, Fatigue, Microstructure, Neutron experiment

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My research project is within the scope of CAM2, a Swedish competence centre for additive manufacturing of metals. More detail of CAM2 can be found at Chalmers University of Technology.

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  • TMKM12 Engineering Materials Metals, Tutorial session
  • TMKM16 Sustainable Materials Selection, Tutorial session and Project supervision
  • TMKO02 Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Lab session
  • TMKM21 Engineering Materials, Tutorial session, Tutorial session
  • TMKM90 Engineering Materials - Deformation and Fracture, Tutorial session
  • TMPE06 Project Course Advanced - Technology for Sustainable Development, Project supervision
  • Master project supervision

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