Christina Lundin

Assistant Lecturer

People who do not share a common language need to be able to understand each other. My professional life concerns communication and how language support and the use of interpreters can be organised to ensure that all citizens receive equal care.

Communication and interpretation for equality in healthcare and nursing care

Dialogue between people has always been central in my professional roles as midwife, supervisor of student nurses, teacher and researcher. 

My field of research investigates the preconditions and limits that are imposed in the implementation of interpretation within health and medical care.

I work with education and development within the field of nursing science at basic and advanced levels of the Nursing Programme at LIU, and as clinical lecturer in Region Östergötland. The role as teacher has included responsibility for courses, internationalisation and commissioned education, and I have functioned as teaching contact. Communication, migration, teaching methods, women’s health, and leadership and organisation are my areas of interest. 

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Education and networks
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  • 1982 Registered Nurse
  • 1988 Registered Midwife
  • 2000 Registered Clinical Supervisor
  • 2004 Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science
    Kvinnors kroppsuppfattning i relation till reproduktiv och sexuell hälsa (“Female body image and its relationship to reproductive and sexual health”)
  • 2005 Swedish certified supervisor, professional supervisor, in nursing
  • Master’s degree in Reproductive and Perinatal Nursing
    Symtomatologi hos kvinnor med mjölkstockning samt behandling av bröstkomplikationer (“Symptomatology in women with engorgement and the treatment of breast complications”)
  • 2018 Licentiate degree in Medical Science 
    Organizing language interpreting services in elderly and emergency healthcare

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Collaboration with researchers
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