I am a Ph.D. student at the Disability Research Division and my main field is psychology, especially memory and learning. My research is mainly about finding and developing new tools to aid people with developmental disabilities in learning basic mathematics.

Training basic of arithmetics and numerical skills (Project ÖGLAN)

Today there are many people, both children and adults, with developmental disabilites who lack basic skills within mathematics and therefor cannot manage things in everyday life that others take for granted. To help these individuals to learn basic math will increase their quality of life and make them more independant. By developing new and improved methods for teaching mathematics we hope to influence how schools work with people who have a developmental disability.   

The importance of basic skills in mathematics

Few people probably realize the importance of possessing the basic skills in mathematics. We take for granted the ability to figure out if we can afford something, that we are able to tell time, or to be able to read a time table. Earlier research has shown that it is more important to be able to count than to read when it comes to getting by in the modern society. Therefor it is very important that the research in this field continues to find ways to help people from all groups of society in learning adequate math skills.

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