Portfolio and reflection

In a portfolio, you gather documentation and reflect on your learning. 

Portfolio within teaching promotes students' ability to critically review their own learning. This can be a good basis for continued professional development even after the end of the program. For teachers, an teaching portfolio can be used as a tool to stimulate educational development and to document teaching skills.

Portfolio documentation can be used at recruitments / promotions for assessment of pedagogical skills or as a basis for career planning in connection with development interviews with their manager. My research focuses on pedagogical development with a particular focus on portfolio and reflection for both students and teachers. I am also involved in education related to a portfolio within the faculty's interprofessional master's program and in higher education pedagogical courses. At Didacticum I participate in workshops to support those who want to get started with their teaching portfolio.

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  • 2003-2006 Research coordinator for the research area "Societal changes, everyday life and health", IHS, Linköping University, Linköping
  • 2005 Medicine PhD degree in Social Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Linköping Health University. Thesis title: Psychosocial factors in adult life - in relation to gender, biological markers of stress and self-rated health
  • 2006 -University lecturer in public health science
  • 2006- 2014 Program director for the interprofessional master's program in occupational therapy / public health science / physiotherapy / speech therapy / medical education / nursing science
  • 2007-2014 Pedagogical developer at the Pedagogical Center
  • 2010- National expert in assessment of pedagogical skills 
  • 2012, 2018 Chair of the Education and Syllabus Committee, Faculty of Medicine, Linköping University
  • 2015- Pedagogical developer at Didacticum 
  • 2017- Supervisor in the international course, ONL (On line learning)
  • 2020- Member of the board of SWEDNET (a Swedish network for pedagogical development in higher education)

Field of Teaching

  • In the interprofessional Master's program, I am a mentor to students in medical eduaction as well as course responsible for master's courses in medical education
  • I supervise degree projects in medical educational and public health sciences


  • The PBL Network (National Network for Problem-Based Learning)
  • SWEDNET (National Network for Educational Development) ONL (International Network for Online Learning)

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