Energy Management in Swedish pulp and paper industry

A systematic and structured work with energy management is needed to achieve the energy efficiency potential within the Swedish industry. How large of an energy saving can be reached through production planning? How might the work with monitoring of energy end-use in production processes look like? To answer questions like these, drivers, barriers and key success factors needs to be identified and analysed.

Swedish industry is characterised by being energy intensive and uses a large part of the total energy end-use in Sweden. One energy intensive industrial sector is the pulp and paper industry. In this sector there exists energy saving potentials which has not yet been utilised. I study how energy management can seize this potential.

A successful work with energy management needs a structural understanding of the specific industrial production processes. In my research I will identify barriers and success factors for an energy efficient industry. The work with energy management also needs a broader perspective than only technical, where operational and behavioral factors are taken account of as well.

Other issues, like how a continuous monitoring of the work with energy efficiency might look like, needs to be investigated. The usage of key performance indicators and internal and external benchmarking might be important factors to a successful energy management system. Such key performance indicators then need to be relevant, clearly presented and monitored over time.