From Early Psychotic Experiences to Chronic Psychotic Disorders

Despite recent advances in assessing neuro-immunological status in schizophrenia, relations between low-grade inflammation and changes in behavior and brain are not well understood. Using peripheral and central inflammatory markers, and advanced neuroimaging techniques, we assess how aberrant immune system functioning relate to structural and functional changes in the brain over the full spectrum of psychotic disorders, from first psychotic symptoms in adolescents to chronic psychotic disorders in adults.  




Selene Gallo, Ahmed El-Gazzar, Paul Zhutovsky, Rajat M. Thomas, Nooshin Javaheripour, Meng Li, Lucie Bartova, Deepti Bathula, Udo Dannlowski, Christopher Davey, Thomas Frodl, Ian Gotlib, Simone Grimm, Dominik Grotegerd, Tim Hahn, Paul Hamilton, Ben J. Harrison, Andreas Jansen, Tilo Kircher, Bernhard Meyer, Igor Nenadic, Sebastian Olbrich, Elisabeth Paul, Lukas Pezawas, Matthew D. Sacchet, Philipp Saemann, Gerd Wagner, Henrik Walter, Martin Walter, Guido PsyMRI, Guido van Wingen (2023) Functional connectivity signatures of major depressive disorder: machine learning analysis of two multicenter neuroimaging studies Molecular Psychiatry Continue to DOI






  • Current PhD student, Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience (CSAN), Linköping University
    Advisors: Laura Korhonen, Paul J. Hamilton
  • 2017 MSc. in Psychology, University of Amsterdam
    Advisors: Henk Cremers, Paul J. Hamilton
    Thesis title: Functional connectivity between extrastriate body area and default mode network predicts depersonalization symptoms in major depression: Findings from an a priori specified multinetwork comparison
  • 2014 BSc. in Psychology, University of Groningen
    Advisors: Gert J. ter Horst, Hedderik van Rijn
    Thesis title: The Neurobiology of Romantic Relationship Dissolution: a Comparison with Depression using Pupillometry