Partonopeu de Blois

My interest is the medieval romance, with a focus on the twelfth century. I am writing a thesis about the French twelfth century romance Partonopeu de Blois and look at its relation to the Byzantine novels from the same century. As romances tell love stories, I am especially interested in love as a concept; it is exciting to see how ideas travel with their narrative patterns, and how poets thus elaborate with different influences to create something new.


  • ”La voix féminine dans Partonopeu de Blois, Hysminè et Hysminias et La Cité des Dames”, Byzance et l’Occident IV., 23-27 November 2015, Collège Eötvös József, Budapest.

  • ”Female strategies for subjecthood in a patriarchal context: Byzantium introduced in French courtly love”, Romance between East and West: New Approaches to Medieval Greek Fiction, 27-29 November 2014, Swedish Institute in Athens.

  • ”L’ἀνδρεία féminine dans la courtoisie française – une influence byzantine?”, Byzance et l’Occident IV., 24–28 November 2014, Collège Eötvös József, Budapest.



  •  Visiting scholar, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), March-June 2016.

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