Elzana Odzakovic

Assistant Lecturer

A society that is more receptive to people with dementia will help them continue using their neighbourhoods and the opportunities presented by public spaces on the basis of their needs and capabilities. My research proceeds from that precept.

A society more receptive to people with dementia

The overall purpose of my thesis is to describe the ways that people with dementia perceive and use their neighbourhoods, both at home and in assisted living facilities.

The findings will contribute to the emergence of a society that is more receptive to people with dementia. I plan to defend the thesis in 2019.

I am participating in the Dementia: Agency, Personhood and Everyday Life research programme financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation. The programme is being conducted at the Centre for Dementia Research (CEDER), Linköping University.

I am part of the Neighbourhoods and Dementia (People, Spaces and Places) collaborative project among CEDER, the University of Manchester and five other British institutions of higher learning.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach at the Nursing and Specialist Nursing Programmes with a specialisation in District Nursing. My expertise is in the areas of wound healing processes, dressing wounds and neurological diseases.

  • In the Nursing Programme, I teach and lecture first-cycle, semester 5 students.
  • I coordinate a freestanding second-cycle course entitled Incontinence – the Condition and Its Care (7.5 credits).
  • I am the basic team advisor for the Specialist Nursing Programme with a specialisation in District Nursing.



Kommunala sjuksköterskor vill in i strålkastarljuset, publicated in Dagens medicin the 19th february 2020
Hemsjukvårdens arbetsuppgifter överraskade distriktssköterska, publicated in Kommunal hälsa the 20th february 2020

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Research theme
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Higher education degree
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  • Registered Nurse, 2009
  • Specialist Nurse with Specialisation in District Nursing, 2013
  • Master of Nursing Science, 2013
  • Admitted to third-cycle programme, March 2015

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Collaboration with researchers within LiU 
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External partner
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