Neuroengineering & Deep Brain Stimulation

I am active in the field of Biomedical Engineering and originally come from Mexico, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering. In 2018 I received my PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering from Linköping University.

My research focuses on the comparison of deep brain stimulation electrodes using finite element models. One of the biggest aims of my research is to correlate the electric field simulated with the clinical outcome patient specifically. This is done in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland where accelerometer measurements are performed on patients during the DBS electrodes implantation. 

Since the introduction of deep brain stimulation (DBS), the technique has been dominated by Medtronic systems which operate in voltage mode and generate a symmetric stimulation field. In recent years, new DBS systems have become available for patients, and some are in clinical trials.

Based on finite element models, our current research aim is to evaluate the influence of the lead design, the operating mode and the tissue impedance for different DBS systems. 

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