Research project

Teaching science to newly arrived pupils within a Swedish context

A boy. Photo credit Fatma AslanEach newly arrived pupil arrives in a new country with their own native language, education history, and life experiences. They have varied linguistic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Consequently, they need to cope with the challenges of developing knowledge in a new language and adapting to a new environment within a new school system. As a way for the Swedish school system to provide adequate assistance for newly arrived pupils, study guidance was launched as a pedagogical idea in Sweden 1966. The focus of my research is on the science study guidance sessions with newly arrived pupils in Swedish schools.

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  • Co-course responsible for the course The Bachelor Teacher Program Focusing on Physics for Grade 4-6.
  • Teacher in the bachelor course: Technology and Science-Indoors, Outdoors, Home and Away
  • Teacher in the master course: Outdoor Learning in Theory and Practice
  • Supervisor in the master program: Thesis in Outdoor Education
  • Examinor in the bachelor course: Children´s Language Development and Communication
  • Lab assistant and teacher in the bachelor course: Natural Science
  • Teacher in the bachelor course: Social Science

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CV in short

PhD Candidate at Institution of Behavioral Science and Learning (IBL) – Technology and Science Education Research (TESER), Linköping University.

Study guide and mother tongue teacher at Municipality of Linköping.

Master´s degree in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life, Linköping, Sweden.

Master´s degree in Science education, OMU University, Samsun, Turkey

Bachelor´s degree in Science education, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey

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