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Fredrik Söderström

Associate professor

My starting point is that I argue that technology often itself in general can be seen as unproblematic - it is rather when it falls into the hands of people in organizations when interesting and often problematic things start to happen.

Electronic identification in the public sector

Electronic identification (eID) is a very small IT-based phenomenon in our society, but its benefits are immense. Without any special attention but basically eID represents a cornerstone in the development of modern electronic government. 

Without eID, we would not be able to make our income tax returns online or report the care of sick children through an app. Since the practice shows that the introductions of eID the public sector are problematic this makes my research very interesting and relevant. My basic research interest can thus be linked to the social and organizational aspects of information and communication technology and I have a firm belief that useful research is done in close cooperation and dialogue with the practice being studied.



I see teaching as a unique opportunity to combine my personal and professional experience and research expertise with our students' perspectives in order to best prepare them in their future profession as systems analysts.

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