Research Background

For more than ten years, Frida has conducted work on political protest movements and political theory. She has studied early 20th century Sami de-colonial struggles, especially how perceptions of the Sami’s spatial and temporal belonging contributed to a racializing discourse. In political theory, she has explored what role imaginaries of time play in political mobilization and rhetoric. How is the future spoken of and envisioned? Who can claim historical belonging in a political community? What forms of change in the present can be imagined? Frida’s dissertation "Speaking Other Times" explores how imaginaries of time can be used for dominative as well as emancipatory purposes in political rhetoric.

Current Research

At Tema Barn, Frida serves as a postdoctoral fellow in two interdisciplinary projects that explore children’s political agency: Growing up in a Warming World, that conducts research on the political aesthetics of the Fridays for Future, and Youth Representation in Global Politics, that explores the role of children in global climate governance.


Frida is a dedicated teacher and have taught extensively on rhetoric, media, and political theory. At Tema Barn, she is supervising MA theses.

Other Collaborations

More broadly, Frida is committed to questions of globalizing pedagogy and research. She is the Co-Founder of the International Rhetoric Workshop (IRW) and has spent time as a visiting fellow at University of Washington and Northwestern University. She appears regularly in media and for a number of years she participated in the radio and TV gameshow Retorikmatchen. Currently, she is editing a special issue on “Bending Time” for Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

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