I mainly teach student nurses

My job is to teach/supervise students on the Nursing Programme in term 1, including the IPL course (International Professional Learning), and in term 2.

I also teach on the independent course Care of Dementia Diseases, worth 7.5 higher education credits. Teaching is required as well on the Occupational Therapy Programme.

My work includes supervising base groups and proficiency training. I give lectures and participate in examinations and seminars. I am also the contact teacher for the work placement training (VFU).

My qualifications
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I am a State Registered Nurse. I have had further training in Medical and Surgical Medical Care and am a qualified Specialist District Nurse.

I have studied Public Health Science and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


  • Registered Nurse, 1973
  • Further training Medical and Surgical Care, 1977
  • Specialist training District nurse, 1989
  • Public Health Science, 1994
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2009 and 2010

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