Helene Eriksson

Assistant Lecturer

I have been employed at intensive care units and performed sophisticated assessments based on vital sign failures. End-of-life care must be improved in order to optimise quality of life, as well as promote the dignity of patients and their families. 

A combination of various assignments

I am performing my assignments at Linköping University and Region Östergötland alongside a doctoral programme that focuses on palliative care research, which I lecture on for semester 6 of the Nursing programme.

Half of my time is as devoted to working as a clinical assistant  at the Centre for Surgery, Orthopaedics and Cancer Care (CKOC),  and I am also in a doctoral programme that looks at stroke and care at end-of-life from the perspective of medical science.

I lecture for semester 6 of the Nursing programme and serve as the clinical liaison at CKOC.

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Higher education degrees
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Higher education degrees

  • Nurse, 1987
  • Specialist programme in outpatient paediatrics and geriatrics, 2000
  • Specialist programme in intensive care, 2002 

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