Helena Hemmingsson

Helena Hemmingsson

Visiting Professor

My field of research is disabilities in everyday life, with a special interest in how the development of digital technologies creates and changes adapted technology and the conditions for interventions during school, leisure time and work.

Young people with disabilities and digital technology

My own field of research is disabilities in everyday life, with a specialisation in children and young people with disabilities.

Research projects, both large and small, are carried out in two main areas:

  • Young and digital – enabling technology
  • Disability in school – transition to work

The children included in the various projects have different types of disabilities, from very complex and severe physical disabilities to children and young people with ADHD or intellectual disabilities, and children and young people with no official diagnosis but who need support in school. The research comprises intervention studies, cross-sectional studies and observational and interview studies.

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Academic qualifications

  • Occupational therapist 1981
  • PhD 2002
  • Professor 2009

External collaboration

  • Board member of AAATE (Association for the advancement of assistive technology in Europe)
  • Board member of the network for child research, The Swedish institute for disability research (SIDR)
  • LiU’s contact person in the national network for research into disabilities
  • Collaborates with LiU Innovation

Internal appointments

  • Subject representative, Occupational therapy
  • Full member of the Standing faculty meeting, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Full member of the Research programmes board (FUN), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Full member of the Admissions committee, ISV

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Childhood and disability in the Nordic countries

In this collection, I and sixteen other Nordic researchers present studies about children and young people with disabilities in the Nordic countries. The first study is about growing up with disabilities and includes the latest research from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. These countries have a good reputation internationally regarding welfare and disability issues focusing on children and families.

My contribution to the book is entitled Trend-setters and followers: Disabled youths’ computer use during leisure time and compares computer use over time among young people with and without disabilities.

The book was published in May 2015.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


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Helene Lidström, G Ahlsten, Helena Hemmingsson (2011)

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