Research on vocational teachers’ assessment of proficiency

Research on vocational teachers’ assessment of proficiency in secondary school is less extensive in Sweden. In assessment research in schools focus is on the student's abilities, knowledge and skills, and how assessment criteria are perceived and used by teachers and students but also on the different forms of assessment. To be able to distinguish between the different qualities of knowledge and assess them reliably, the teacher needs to have knowledge about the target and content and how the different qualities in performance/learning processes can be identified.

Furthermore, it is required that the teacher makes use of suitable forms of appraisal in order to assess the intended. Thus, assessment research requires its performers to have good knowledge of both knowledge-based theories and learning theories as the assessment process cannot be taken out of context. Questions of assessment are also about the rule of law and equity which is associated with minors as well with the civil mission that the teacher has.


I am engaged in courses in the vocational teachers´ education programme, the subject teachers´ education programme, master's degree courses, KPU and adult education. I am also involved in various commissioned education courses as well as in the application for a vice-chancellors’ education programme.




2008, PhD in Education, Stockholm University Department of Education.
2003 Licentiate Degree in Education, Stockholm Institute of Education.
1984 Vocational Teacher Training, Professional Department of Education, Stockholm.
1996 - 1997, Vocational Education, Department of vocational education.
1994 - 1995, Vocational Education, Department of vocational education.
1993 - 1994, Vocational Education, Department of vocational education.


Research scholarship, 2009




Research networks

Nordic Vocational teachers education research networks, (Nord/YRK)
CHAT network at Stockholm University
VET / YL-network at Stockholm University
The research seminar for Vocational Education and Training at LiU
ValiWeb-national network for Vocational Education and Training
National Network for Education Leaders
Occupational council for vocational training at Linköping University


WorldSkills Sweden research groups.
I am also engaged by The Board of Education and others for mission studies usually within assessment in school and training, as well as lectures on teachers’ seminar days within adult and secondary school education.


Expert at the admissions of the vocational teachers at Stockholm University
Article Review for the magazine Education and Learning