Photo of Inger Lyngfelt Andreasson

Inger Lyngfelt Andreasson

Recycling is a watchword in my work. After many years of working on a number of occupational therapy programme syllabuses and educational approaches, my perspective is both backward and forward-looking regarding developments in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy training at undergraduate level

As the course coordinator and teacher on several of the courses on the Occupational Therapy Programme, I have had the opportunity to monitor student progress in the field of occupational therapy and also the development of the knowledge, skills and values that are of central importance and necessary for the professional practice of the occupational therapist.

For example, I find that a few years after having helped students in the form of supervision in base groups at undergraduate level, I come across them again in their capacity as professional occupational therapists supervising students in their work placement studies or else as employees or doctoral students.

Inger says...

– For me it's inspiring to know that I have shared my enthusiasm and given support and inspiration to others to enable them to provide good quality occupational therapy to patients and users, take part in work placement training for students, and forge their own careers through research and development as employees or doctoral students at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies, says Inger Lyngfelt Andreasson.

Ongoing development measures and my qualifications

Ongoing development measures

In addition to the development measures in which I am involved within the various working groups and at various levels for Clinicum and practical training (skills training and simulation) within the Occupational Therapy Programme, I participate in the working group for the development of new course syllabuses for the Occupational Therapy Programme which are to come into force in the autumn term in 2016.


My qualifications

  • Registered occupational therapist, 1979
  • Teacher in healthcare teaching,1992
  • Master of public health science, 2005