Jimmy Johansson is senior lecturer in information visualization and works at the Department of Media and Information Technology, MIT. He is also chairman of the programme planning board for the master’s programme in Media Technology and Enginnering and vice chairman of the programme board for Computer Science and Media Technology. Jimmy holds a doctorate in interactive visualization from Linköping University.


The main focus of Jimmy’s research is information visualization of high-dimensional and time-varying datasets. Another focus area is quality metrics for visual representations. Jimmy also works in areas such as visualization of traffic management, climate visualization, evaluation and sonification of complex visual representations.

An example of his work on climate visualization is the tool VisAdapt shown in the Figure below. The tool was developed through a collaboration with clime experts at the Department of Thematic Studies at LiU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).
Illustration from Jimmy Johansson´s research


Jimmy teaches on the master’s programme in Media Technology and Engineering, and on the bachelor’s programme in Graphics Design and Communication. Jimmy is the course coordinator for Information Visualization and Applied Visualization and Virtual Reality, and gives lectures in the Information Design course. He manages and examines thesis work on the Media Technology and Engineering programme. He also offers a doctorial study course: Advanced Information Visualization.




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