Joakim Ekström is senior lecturer at the division of Communications and Transport Systems (KTS), at the department of Science and Technology, Linköping University, where he is part of the Traffic System unit.

Joakims current research evolves around modeling and control of (mainly) road traffic systems, and his main research interests lies within the areas of development, calibration, and application of traffic models. This research spans the areas of transport modeling, transport economics and optimization theory, and has also evolved into the area of emission modeling and particularly how traffic and emission models are applied jointly.

Examples of ongoing projects that Joakim is currently involved in are:

  • Development of methods for estimating emission based on traffic measurements and mesoscopic traffic models (principal investigator)
  • Development of bicyclist simulation models
  • Analysis of capacity reductions at motorway incidents
  • Development of a new variable speed limit system to be tested in Stockholm during 2021
  • Calibration of volume-delay functions in static transport models
  • Calibration of capacities in dynamic traffic models
  • Analysis of transport related energy use at network level based on alternative sensor data
  • Pre-study on the use of probe data for estimation of time dependent travel demand and traffic state
Joakim is member of the program council for the Transport economic research program, financed by the Swedish Transport Administration.

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