Aluminum industry – energy efficiency from a system perspective

What is the potential to improve the energy efficiency in the aluminum industry? Is there any difference if you look at the supply chains of the aluminum industry from a system perspective instead of looking at the different actors separately?

I am a PhD student at the Division of Energy Systems. In my PhD studies, I will take part in the projects Increased energy efficiency in the supply chains of aluminum industry – a carbon neutral industry in 2050, and CARBONSTRUCT.


The overall aim of the research project is to investigate the energy efficiency potentials and possibilities to realise these throughout the supply chain (from metals to recycling) in the aluminum industry.

Strengthened competitiveness and reduced carbon emissions

30-40 percent of the cost of primary aluminum production is energy costs. To strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish aluminum industry, it is therefore desirous to increase the energy efficiency. Another important aspect during energy efficiency improvement is to reduce the carbon emissions from the energy usage.

System perspective of the supply chains of the aluminum industry 

A system perspective, or a holistic perspective, on the supply chains will be used in the project. By studying the supply chain as a whole, instead of the different actors separately, there is a possibility to achieve a higher total energy efficiency potential. Previous research on energy efficiency in the aluminum industry, has looked at the different actors separately and, in some few cases, at the aluminum industry by country.

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Academic merits

  • M.Sc. in Engineering, Engineering Physics, Lund’s Faculty of Technology, Sweden, 2015
  • Independent course in Sustainable Building, Mid Sweden University, Sweden, 2013
  • Exchange year, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2012-2013

Professional assignments

  • I am representing PhD students at the Department of Management and Engineering Doctoral Studies Council at the Linköping University
  • I am a member of the Swedish Aluminium Association's Technical Committee


  • Industrial Energy Systems
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Energy Resources
  • Efficient Industrial Energy Systems
  • Analysis and Modeling of Industrial Energy Systems
  • Energy System - Supply and Use
  • Supervision of the Theses Work

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