Environmental Humanities and Green Futures

All my teaching and research is anchored in Transdisciplinarity, and this shapes my ways to engage in the enormous amount of imaginaries that are produced today when different actors are striving for a greening of their activities.

I am an Associate Professor of Environmental Change, Linköping University, engaged in research and teaching from the post-humanist and critical social science perspectives. The central themes of my work are imaginaries, ideologies and discourses concerning the environment and sustainable development, utopian thought concerning the same issues, and the relationship between politics and science. My main theoretical inspiration comes from neo-Marxism and poststructuralism. Together with Björn-Ola Linnér and Karin Bradley (KTH) I have arranged a number of conferences, workshops and seminars about the role and relevance of utopianism for the handling of environmental issues. I am also co-editor of a special issue of Futures on the topic, and most recently me and Karin Bradley have brought together cutting edge research in the field in an edited volume for Routledge titled Green Utopianism: perspectives, politics and micro-practices.

I am active in the extensive research programme The Seed Box: A Mistra-Formas Environmental humanities Collaboratory (EHC). The EHC is a consortium of 13 universities in different countries funded by Mistra, Formas and LiU (50 millions skr). It brings together over 70 researchers and runs 20 projects.

I am also program director for, and teacher at, The environmental science programme at Campus Norrköping, Linköping University, which is a fully integrated interdisciplinary programme. All courses integrate knowledge from Chemistry, Biology and Physical sciences with appropriate knowledge from Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities.


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  • 2000
    Senior-lecturer expertise 
  • 1994
    Doctoral degree, Water and Environmental Studies, (The Nature of Environmental Politics). 
  • 1989
    University degree: BA of Political Science and Literature


  • The environmental science programme
  • MSc Science for Sustainable Development 


  • Scientific leader for The Seed Box: A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory.

Awards and special commissions 

  • 2013
    Director of The Environmental Science Program at Linköping University
  • 2009-2012
    Member of the Board of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University 
  • 2008 – 2012
    Member of the scientific board for Devnet (Development network) 
  • 2008
    Member of an evaluation panel for research grants in the interdisciplinary program CROSSCUT at The Research Council of Norway
    Member of the evaluation panel at FORMAS for grants for interdisciplinary research schools 
  • 2006 – 2012
    Board member of the green think tank Cogito Deputy member of Regional Ethical Review Board in Linköping 
  • 060101-070228 
    Director for Food Studies 
  • 2006 
    Additional member of the evaluation panel for research grants concerning biodiversity at The Swedish Research Council Scientific expert at the Swedish Research Council for the project The Planet (forskning.se) 
  • 2005-2012 
    Director for the research education at Water and Environmental Studies 
  • 010101-010630 
    Director for Geography at the Dept. of Thematic Studies V
  • 2001-2005 
    Member of an evaluation panel for research grants at FORMAS (”Ekonomi, samhälle och regional utveckling”) 
    Deputy head of the Dept. of Thematic Studies 
  • 1996-2001
    Co-leader for the research education program Nature-Technology-Society (NTS)
  • 19950501 -19951215 Secretary for the planning committe for the establishment of Campus Norrköping