Johan Jönemo

PhD student



Johan Jönemo, Anders Eklund (2023) Brain Age Prediction Using 2D Projections Based on Higher-Order Statistical Moments and Eigenslices from 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging Volumes Journal of Imaging, Vol. 9, p. 271-271 Continue to DOI
Johan Jönemo, Muhammad Usman Akbar, Robin Kämpe, J. Paul Hamilton, Anders Eklund (2023) Efficient Brain Age Prediction from 3D MRI Volumes Using 2D Projections Brain Sciences, Vol. 13, Article 1329 Continue to DOI
Johan Jönemo, David Abramian, Anders Eklund (2023) Evaluation of Augmentation Methods in Classifying Autism Spectrum Disorders from fMRI Data with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks Diagnostics, Vol. 13, Article 2773 Continue to DOI