Current research interests

- Quantum states and transport in high-mobility nanostructures; effects of electron and spin-orbit interactions, magnetic focusing
- Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics
- Faraday instabilities and vortex flow

Recent articles

“Nature of magnetization and lateral spin-orbit interaction in gated semiconductor nanowires with and without source-drain bias “,H. Karlsson, I. I. Yakimenko and K.-F. Berggren (subm. For publ.)
“Spectra, current flow, and wave-function morphology in a model PT-symmetric quantum dot with external interactions”
F. Tellander and K.-F. Berggren Phys. Rev. A 95, 042115 (2017) .

“Signature of spin polarization in four-gate quantum point contact structures”
A. Jones, M. Cahay M, I.I. Yakimenko and K.-F. Berggren K-F , Chapt. 5 in
“Contemporary Topics in Spintronics” 2017 (eds Cahay M, Bandyopadhyay S, and Leburton J-P), World Scientific, Singapore.

“Probing dopants in wide semiconductor quantum point contacts”
I.I  Yakimenko and K.-F. Berggren,  J. Phys.-Cond. Matter 28, 105801 (2016).
“Patterns beyond Faraday waves: observation of parametric crossover from Faraday instabilities to the formation of vortex lattices in open dual fluid strata”
K. Ohlin and K.-F. Berggren, European J. Phys 37, 045803 (2016).

 “Probability Currents and a simulation of Particle Separation”
F. Tellander, J.Ulander, I.I. Yakimenko and K.-F. Berggren, J. Young Invest. (JYI) Oct. 2016 | Vol. 31 Issue 4.

External appointments  2017

“IOP Advances in Quantum Transport in Low-Dimensional
Systems" Sept 4-5, 2017 at UCL, UK, Conference Advisory Member.

“External review of the work with research and research support at Linnaeus University” March-June 2017, Member of external committee.

Supervision of diploma work.

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