Migration and health, care of chronic disease and international health perspectives

My research proceeds from the thesis "Migration, Health and Diabetes – Studies Comparing Foreign and Swedish-Born Diabetic Subjects Living in Sweden" to address the following main areas: Migration and Health and Care of Individuals with Chronic Disease.

A global public health problem; diabetes mellitus and other major public health problems: chronic leg ulcers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, coeliac disease and mental illness. The focus is on the key nursing concept of health in national and international comparative studies to build an optimal care organisation that offers the best possible care for everyone, regardless of origin, provided primarily on an outpatient basis.

Ongoing projects

Care of individuals with chronic disease

Evaluations have been performed of highly specialised care and high-tech diabetes treatment from patient perspectives. Structure of care for people with diabetes mellitus, chronic leg ulcers, COPD, stroke, coeliac disease and mental illness is studied, as well as patient safety in geriatrics, technologies that enable good health for the elderly and special outpatient clinics for patents age 70 and up. 
More in-depth international perspectives on health through the ”Chronic Disease, Self-care and Health” studies that compare care and healthcare structures for people who have chronic leg ulcers with the UK and diabetes mellitus with Zimbabwe, Uganda, China and Oman.

Migration and health

Perceptions of health care and their impact on self-care and involvement in the healthcare system among Swedes born in Sweden and abroad who have diabetes mellitus, gestational diabetes or diabetic foot complications. People born in Sweden, ex-Yugoslavia, Middle East, Latin America and Asia are studied and compared. Also included are Swedes born in Sweden and abroad who have type 2 diabetes, along with the health trends, communication options and use of interpreters, as well as healthcare and social services for older migrants.


Subject coordinator for first, second and third-cycle nursing and teacher in the Nursing programme. Participate in teaching, as well as supervision and examination of papers for first and second-cycle programmes, as well as teaching of third-cycle programmes. Among the third-cycle courses I teach are Basic Qualitative Methodology, Advanced Qualitative Methods and Migration and Health.

Collaboration with the general community

Regularly lecture and direct seminars at conferences and research & development projects related to nursing with a focus on health, chronic care, migration & health and associated areas.

Of particular interest are issues surrounding the structure of outpatient care – self-care, home health care, primary care, etc.

I conduct clinical research in collaboration with the diabetes and endocrine clinics at the Malmö and Lund University Hospitals, the Cityhälsan, Söder, Hageby, Norrköping health centre, health centres in Kronoberg, the PUFF clinic and health care & social services office in Norrköping Municipality.

About me

Higher education degrees

  • Registered nurse, Birgittaskolan in Linköping, 1978
  • Graduate course in Medicine, TBV, 1980
  • Specialist programme in medical and surgical nursing, School of Nursing in Växjö, 1981
  • Diabetes Nurse, Swedish Diabetes Association, Stockholm, 1982
  • Nursing Instructor (60 credits), University of Gothenburg, 1984
  • Advanced Teacher Training in Anatomy and Physiology , Uppsala University, 1987
  • Sociology, 60 credits, with specialisation in working life, Växjö University, 1994
  • Community Medicine, semesters 3 and 6 of medical programme, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Lund University, 1994
  • Master of Nursing, Lund University, 1997
  • PhD in Community Medicine, Lund University, 1999
  • Associate Professor of Care Science, specialisation in Nursing, Växjö University, 2003
  • Professor of Care Science, specialisation in Nursing, Linnaeus University, Växjö, 2008 – Present
  • Professor of Nursing, specialisation in geriatrics, Linköping University, 2013 – Present


  • Subject coordinator for Nursing 
  • Member of the permanent examining meeting at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
  • Member of the board of admissions for the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV), Division of Nursing Science.
  • Member of the editing committee for Primary Health Care Research and Development, International Nursing Review (International Council of Nurses) and Vård i Norden.
  • Member of the European Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group (EDEG) – researcher on diabetes epidemiology and care.
  • Member of the Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes Care (FEND).
  • Member of the International Conferences on Community Health Nursing Research (ICCHNR). On the scientific committee that reviews conference abstracts.
  • Scientific reviewer for the Swedish Research Council, subject adviser for Medicine and Health, healthcare research drafting team.

Other qualifications

  • Summer 1986, 4-week linguistic studies, Institut Franco-Scandinave, Aix-en-Provence, France.
  • Spring semester 1988, Developing country preparatory course, Sandöskolan, Kramfors, Committee for Developing Country Education, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • French studies (3-year upper secondary skills), Municipal Adult Education programme, Kalmar, evening, autumn semester 1987 and 1988/89 academic year.
  • Scholarship from Church of Sweden for 6-week field trip to Zimbabwe, summer 1990, learning about healthcare system, as well as Nursing programme. Visits to village health clinics, district and provincial hospitals, and national government hospitals in various parts of the country, as well as the Ministry of Health. Visits to nursing schools in various parts of the country.
  • 1993/94 academic year, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) developing country seminar, 3-week field trip, summer 1994, Zimbabwe, learning about circumstances of agricultural workers and health in the Nyanga District.
  • Senior Lecturer, Academy of Medicine, University of Riga, Sida project. 1999-2000, expert lectures in Epidemiology, Statistics and Public Health Science.





Collaboration with researchers in Nursing Science

Cooperation with researchers other Swedish institutions of higher learning

Cooperation with researchers at institutions of higher learning abroad

  • Professor Sally Kendall, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, leader for the EMINENSE network, including J.M. Morales Asencio, University of Malaga, Spain, G. Byrne, University of Hertfordshire, UK, C.H. Montoro, University of Granada, Spain, L. Sasso, University of Genoa, Portugal, A. Stievano, University T. Vergata, Italy, Z. Batah University Dokuz Eylul, Turkey, M. Kangasniemi, University of Eastern Finland
  • Professor Rosamund Bryar, City University, London, UK
  • Jeremy Jolley, PhD/Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Hull University, UK
  • Rosa Benato, PhD/Senior Lecturer, City University, London, UK
  • Panagiota Sourtzi, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Athens, Greece
  • Grace Nambozi, PhD, Department of Nursing, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda, Department of Social Care, University of Hull, UK
  • Fortunate Atwine, Lecturer, PhD candidate, Department of Nursing, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda
  • Esther Mufunda, PhD, Open University, Harare, Zimbabwe