Lea Skewes holds a BA and MA in both philosophy and psychology. She has extensive experience with mixed methods designs combining qualitative and quantitative data. Lea Skewes is also the founder of the network Gendering in Research based at Aarhus University which has organized gendered talks once a month since May 2015. And she has been an editor of the peer-reviewed journal Women, Gender & Research based at Copenhagen University since June 2017.

Research Projects / programmes
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Core of the CABSOE project 

Women with the breast cancer gene mutation, BRCA1 and 2, are routinely counselled to have their ovaires removed prior to natuaral menpause (PNM) to reduce risks of ovarian. A significant number of young women undergo prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO) PNM - approximately 4,000 per year in Sweden and 300,000 per year in North America. Prophylactic BSO PNM leads to an immediate withdrawal of 17-B-estrodial (one of three naturally occuring estrogens). since women who undergo BSO have a higher incidence of all causes of death inclucing Alzheimer's dementia (AD), the literature suggests that cognitiv decline is linked with E2 withdrawal. This study determines the effects of BSP PNM on cognition, brain function, immunolgogical competence, and qualitative sense of self in young women with the BRCA mutation. 

Gender Stereotypes Role in the CABSOE project

Inspried by Gillian Einstein, April S. Au, Jason Klemensberg, Elizabeth M. Shin, & Nicole Pun (2012) " The Gendered Ovary" article, the CABSOE project takes as a starting point that the ovaries are gendered and that this gendering effects other focus on medical treatment. If the assessment of the preserve the ovaries after women have had the children they intend to have. However, the ovaries do not just facilitate reproduction. The ovaries also produce estrogen which serves multiple functions in the whole body. The CABSOE project aims to shed light on what happens in the whole female body when prophylactic BSO's are carried out. 

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PhD (Gender Stereotypes & Biases) University of Aarhus

MSc (Psychology) University of Aarhus

BSc (Psychology) University of Aarhus

MA (Philosophy) University of Newcastle (Australia)

BA (Philosophy) University of Copenhagen