I am chief communications officer and head of Research Communication and Media Relations. The office is responsible for communication and the dissemination of news about the university’s research, education and collaboration with society around us.

The Research Communication and Media Relations office has around 20 employees, who include news editors, press contacts, research communicators, web editors, social media experts, copy writers and translators. Several communicators at the office operate as consultants for departments or other organisational units.

My role as head of the office includes management and coaching, operational planning, budget planning, follow up, recruitment, performance reviews and salary negotiations with individuals, and other personnel issues.

I also participate actively in day-to-day communication operations. My main tasks include:

• Writing articles for LiU News
• Managing contact with the press
• Editing LiU magazine (the university’s external magazine)
• Project management and participation in various communication projects.

In 2015 I was awarded the university’s annual Outstanding Leadership Award.

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